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Endless Aisle

Taking ground breaking ideas to global scale

In 2011, we set the digital standard  with the innovative Virtual Footwear Wall. It was big, bold and immersive – catching eyes and turning heads. The next challenge was to deploy this type of amazing experience across more stores - owned and with partners.  To do that  we created the Command Centre to organize and schedule the right content to the right place at the right time.

We are now their go-to digital tools provider across their entire store network from New York to Beijing to Sao Paulo to London to Toronto. We have built integrations to the adidas product and stock systems as well as collaborated with their creative teams to implement new consumer experiences on a variety of endpoint units – from towers to tablets to mobile phones.

Our proven technology is ready to go when you need it. We’ll have a pilot running in your store in a matter of weeks and roll out quickly after.

Endless Aisle

Amazing performance around the world

Our cloud-based, enterprise scale technology has connected all kinds of endpoint units across 30 countries. Today, adidas have over 500 screens live on our platform. We further support the adidas team 24/7 with proactive support, checking screens and making sure they are running as planned and displaying  the right content.

Our technology can connect an unlimited number of stores, to grow your retail network.

Endless Aisle

Any consumer experience, anywhere, anytime

From our Command Centre, adidas are able to range and merchandise all units, making sure the right content is reaching consumers at the right time. We run digital signage that includes the latest social media feeds to support purchase decisions, as well as large scale interactive units engaging consumers to share their interests and desires in order to give them back relevant personalized results.

Endless Aisle

From store to mobile in a single click

Give consumers a personalized digital takeaway from their store visit. Allow them to shortlist interesting products and offers and save them to their mobile phones for later action. This feature can help turn an unconverted store shopper into an online buyer. Chatbots can be another exciting capability to further keep the conversation going and drive to a purchase.

Using our platform schedule and control your content across an unlimited number of screens – instantly.

Endless Aisle

Limitless in-store experiences

Our digital tools solutions help adidas customers discover the products that will help them meet their lifestyle goals. Consumers can explore the full product catalog in their prefered language no matter where they are in the world.

From an eighteen-foot interactive wall to a mobile app, our connected experiences can adapt and scale in any retail environment. And we deliver them fast.