Apps, AI and Awareness: What is your Mobile Strategy?

Recent studies confirm what we’ve known for a while – being constantly connected to your mobile is the new norm, but how do you get your brand onto your customers’ devices?

The average person now spends just under 3 hours a day on their phone[1] and so reaching your customers on their mobile device is key. But what is the best way to reach people and, more importantly, capture their attention?

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We know that 90% of time on mobile is spent in apps, thanks to the latest Yahoo Flurry Analytics report[2]. So it makes sense that most brands look to build their own app for their consumers. However, with limited space on mobiles, most users are quite picky about the apps they download. We also know that the average person only uses 6 apps a day and downloads between 0 – 1 new apps a month.

Getting your app downloaded & used can be an uphill struggle, made worse by the fact that the average app loses 77% of daily active users within the first 3 days of download.

So what is the answer?

Having a good m-web experience is part of the solution. But as mentioned above m-web is only getting 10% of time on mobile.

We think that the best approach is to look at how you can attract people’s attention on the apps they already use on a daily basis.

Messaging, social and gaming apps are where people spend most of their time for fun and recreation. Practical apps, such as email, are also commonly used, but the dwell time is much lower as these are typically used to achieve a purpose.

As well as ads and sponsored content on these apps we recommend using Chatbots as these allow users to speak to your brand on their existing messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat. They’re a great example of how AI is increasingly becoming a key trend to reach and help customers.

Chatbots offer a compelling user experience, and ultimately this is the most important metric as you want your mobile strategy to enhance the perception of your brand. As Chatbots are interactive you can also easily measure engagement and user satisfaction.

Having a great mobile experience for your users will include a good m-web experience, perhaps a great app experience for your most loyal customers, but also, and most importantly offering consumers ways to engage on their chosen platforms, and Chatbots offer a ready to go, playful solution.