#ShoptalkEurope in a nutshell


Retail is transforming globally, there's no doubt about that! New business strategies, trends and technologies are shaping the way we as consumers shop from fashion to footwear to cosmetics and food.

Why #ShoptalkEurope? We attended Shoptalk Europe to meet with the 2,000 expected attendees from CEO’s to exciting technology companies, and to witness views on the of future retail from thought leaders in the industry like Managing Director, Ronan Harris from #Google and Mariangela Marseglia, Director of #Amazon #Prime

What was the main take away?

Probably the free crepes being handed out at the #Amazonpay stand. Just kidding! The biggest takeaway was understanding this growing requirement for consumers to have a frictionless journey when it comes to retail. We want customers to get what they want seamlessly to simply keep them coming back for more.

Here’s some of the common themes that kept popping up at Shoptalk.

  • Customer centricity - So what’s changing? User experience? Consumers thrive for a speedy shopping journey so they can spend more time doing the things they love. Whether or not we want to believe it, there is a growing demand for a bespoke retail experience so people really can start living their lives again.
  • Experiential - Give your consumers the best-in-class experience that reflects your brand values. LuluLemon's Regent Street store does a great job of this with their in-house yoga sessions and in-store motion detector.
  • Hypertech - Invest in the best and most sophisticated technology that will deliver a unique in-store experience and tell your brand's story. Consider technology that allows consumers to customise products and save a product wishlist in-store.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Have a go at influencing discovery! Use AI machine learning to discover patterns in your customer's purchasing journey and use this data to tailor a customised in-store experience.
  • Chatbot - Improve your customer service with a #Bot. It’s true, conversion rate after a chat with a brand #Chatbot can increase conversion by 20-30%.

Ultimately, the focus really is customer experience. How do we improve this? How do e extend the shopper journey in-store? Spend time with people that are of inspiration and source ideas from this group. Partner with tech companies or tech enthusiasts that have the best knowledge on the future of retail and upcoming technology.

Stand out from the room full of competitors - understand what your brand stands for, its real purpose, and do something that brings your brand values back to life.

Invest in experience and ease!