Inside #BrownsFASHION East

Connected Retail took a step into Browns new Shoreditch store

After being founded in 1970, Browns East opens its first new physical store in 20 years just on our doorstep Shoreditch, East London. The store promises a changing and flexible new concept for its customers which will keep them coming back to the store for new experiences. Holli Rogers, CEO of Browns says: “We are innovating with technology which will make the shopping experience in Browns more personal and convenient for our customers.”


The augmented retail store offers an environment based on Farfetch’s ‘Store of the Future’ which allows consumers to view the clothes in different settings, make requests directly from the changing room, and create a digital wish list that syncs to the store itself. The store includes its very own art gallery, cafe, and Immersive Experience Room where you can take some time out for your very own meditation session. With the store being located just five minutes from office, we will definitely be keeping an eye on the rotation of the store and any new tech.