Inside Amazon’s Black Friday Pop-up

Connected Retail visited Amazon’s Black Friday home in Soho, London.

There’s been lots of speculation in recent months about when, if or how Amazon will use physical retail spaces, and so we jumped at the chance to visit their Black Friday store.

It is open for four days (21st – 24th November 2017) to promote the best of Amazon’s Black Friday deals. It’s a great example of experiential retail as the store is arranged like a home, and nothing can be bought from the store. Instead it’s filled with demos, samples and barcodes by each product that you can scan with the Amazon app.

We were greeted at the entrance with mince pies, a free gift and a very Christmassy lobby.

We then went into the kitchen where we could try tea, port & more mince pies! They also had samples of all the big-ticket kitchenware items that will be in the Black Friday Amazon sale.

Next, we went into the craft room where we were helped to make our own jewellery. This was a great example of using a store as somewhere to learn & we had a really interesting time talking to one of Amazon’s top handmade section sellers.

Upstairs there was a beauty station, a games room with the latest Amazon echo on display and a games room – toy heaven!


We had a great time visiting the store, and Amazon have succeeded in making it a fun and educational place to visit.  All the staff were really helpful and knowledgeable, and very much seemed to embody the Amazon brand. The store design is unique and it was a great example of experiential retail in action – everyone there seemed to be enjoying trying products, learning from the staff and playing the game to be in with a chance to win prizes.

Whilst this store is only open for a few days it gave a great insight into what more permanent Amazon stores might be like.

For us it captured several key elements of the ideal future store:

1.     Interactive areas had prominence – stores should be somewhere users can interact with products and learn more

2.     It had several unexpected moments, and prioritised giving shoppers an enjoyable experience

3.     All products could be linked back to mobile, providing a convenient way to close the omnichannel loop

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Diane Shaw