Connected Retail’s Chatbot Top Picks

Here’s a roundup of our favourite Chatbot experiences. Let us know which ones you enjoy the most!


eBay’s Shopbot

Currently Ebay’s Shopbot only supports US shopping. That being said it’s still a great example of assisted shopping, advertised as ‘your own personal shopping assistant’ it does a great job of searching all of eBay’s listings for you.


It starts by asking what you’re looking for, and you can choose between typing in exactly what you want, or selecting one of their guided product discovery options.

It works very well if you’re searching for something specific, less so if you want something generic.


Its best feature is that it learns from your searches and remembers your preferences, so the more you engage with it the more useful it becomes.


Overall, it’s a great example of how a transactional, ecommerce Chatbot can help sift through the huge amounts of content on sites like eBay to help you find what you want faster.



Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s app launched as TMY.GRL to support their partnership with Gigi Hadid.

They’ve since expanded it to include TMY.GRL, TMY.BOY and customer service options.


The focus is on creating a fun, memorable and interactive experience. It has more personality than a typical Chatbot, and is very on-brand with its use of emojis and language, positioning itself nicely with the way their target audience uses apps like Facebook Messenger with friends.


It only offers guided product discovery, which isn’t an issue as the Tommy Hilfiger product range is comparatively small, and with each option you select you are given a list of categories or items to scroll through.


When you land on an item you like you Can choose to add to cart, learn more, or browse collection. It then links to the Tommy Hilfiger website when you’re ready to buy, where your items are waiting in basket for you.


We really like the Tommy Chatbot experience and think it’s a great example of a Fashbot from a major fashion brand.





Dom the pizza bot, from Domino’s is our third pick. It combines really easy ordering and some excellent pizza puns.


Designed to make the process of ordering a pizza as easy as possible, you can get started by messaging the word ‘pizza’ or by sending an emoji. Users need to save their ‘easy order’ preferences & once this is done you can place your order through the Chatbot.


Overall, a great transactional social experience, showing the possible applications of Chatbots.


Let us know what you think of these Chatbots, and what would be on your top three!

Diane Shaw