5 KEY benefits of #EndlessAisle

The true meaning of Endless Aisle

Virtual shelf? Endless shelf? What is the term ‘endless aisle’ that we all keep hearing? Endless Aisle is an in-store consumer facing interactive screen that displays your entire product range.

Lets face the reality, customers are no longer waiting on sales assistants to become available and now want the power to browse, discover and purchase on their own. Did you know 10% of retail store sales are lost due to items being out of stock!

Order fulfillment

Often, endless aisle is used to equip sales staff with access to other store stocks, third-party suppliers and the e-commerce products. Sales associates can present these options to consumers and provide a better customer experience when items are out of stock.

Interactive kiosk

Unlike traditional signage, endless aisle allows consumers to independently touch, tap and swipe kiosks for product imagery, catwalks, more information and even purchasing. By using customer-facing, interactive touchscreens retailers empower shoppers to browse, discover and purchase on their own, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

So is it necessary for brands?

Well yes! Most retailers are using endless aisle strategies to battle lost sales due to items being out of stock and enhance the in-store experience. With consumer expectations rising sky high, retailers must invest in endless aisle technology so they can combat lost sales and customer dissatisfaction.

5 key benefits of Endless Aisle:

  1. CUSTOMERS - can view pricing and stock visibility, with access to real-time data

  2. SALES STAFF - stay up to date with product information and new releases

  3. BRAND - enhances the stores visual merchandising strategy

  4. OPERATIONS - reduces in-store inventory by displaying specific items via endless aisle

  5. MARKETING - attracts and engages, millennials are obsessed with the in-store experience and the increase in digitally driven in-store content

We’ve worked with adidas and Sephora to create Endless Aisle throughout their store networks. Get in touch with us to discuss how Endless Aisle will work for your brand and retail stores.

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Endless Aisle
Endless Aisle
Endless Aisle