Is #DigitalSignage adding value in your stores?

Digital Signage has grown in popularity in recent years, and you’ll no doubt be used to glowing signs inviting you into shops & brightening your instore shopping experiences.

Adding Digital Signage to stores used to be driven by the desire to stand out and to attract more attention from shoppers.

The model was simple, increased attention = increased sales and revenue.

But now that signage has become the norm is this still the case?

There are more screens around, and LED screens mean that they’re getting even brighter. But for many brands this over-abundance of screens means that digital signage has become ambient and does little more than provide a sense of atmosphere in the store.

If you want more than that, how do you make sure that digital signage is a useful medium to advertise to customers in-store?

We would argue the key is to offer more than just traditional signage. There are some easy fixes – switch up the content regularly to make sure it doesn’t become background noise, especially to regular customers. You can also use your screens to mix between videos, images and 3D scenes, so there’s varied content displayed during each shopping journey. Digital Signage screens can also be used to show curated social media feeds to capture attention and imagination – particularly effective when displayed behind till points. Finally having product data on screens, and moving towards interactive touch screens will allow customers to engage with your content.

What’s your Digital Signage strategy for 2018?

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