To Bot or Not to Bot


Chatbots. The latest tech to receive lots of hype, but what are they? And are they any good?

First off, what are they? Chatbots or conversational user interfaces are automated messaging services that run on instant messaging services like Facebook messenger. You’ve almost certainly spoken with one or had an ai. chat experience, whether you realise it or not!

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There are lots of reasons why Chatbots, when done well, are living up to the hype – the first, & in my opinion most important, is how easy they are to use. Facebook messenger alone has 1.2 billion users & so they provide a way to contact companies without having to download another app, or hunt through the web for a way to get in touch, and in our new millennial world this matters!

For me Chatbots hit that sweet spot of offering a ‘personalised’ service which answers my questions straight away, without having to actually interact or go out of my way to get an answer – they provide a super quick, super easy service.

Also, Chatbots can be fun (Dad Joke Bot anyone?). Well designed bots make interacting with brands, and getting simple things done easy. You can order a pizza, check the tube, shop, and find out the answer to simple questions that are always infuriatingly hard to find on brand’s sites. In a sentence, Chatbots are really, really good at simple things.

They’re not yet at a stage where you can have an actual conversation, but they are a convenient and fun way to get the info that you need straight away. Could this be the next step change in the way we interact with brands and companies online in this new personalized, millennial era? Or are you still skeptical about automated messaging replacing real conversations?

If you want to find out more about Chatbots and how they could work for you, get in touch!