We visit Asics new Regent street store

This summer, Sportswear giant ASICS opened its largest retail store on Regent street.


The Japanese sportswear brand has opened its new flagship store on Regent Street covering 9041 sq ft spread over three levels. During our visit we found a number of in-store digital touch points that were definitely worth talking about!

Firstly, the new store features 3d foot mapping, which is impressively clever! This technology uses laser and micro cameras that create detailed 3D images of your foot. Information from this scan is then used to determine the most appropriate asics shoe for you. Without doubt, this technology contributes to personalising the customer experience.

The shop floor included interactive screens to view the range of asics shoe styles for customers to view before trying on. This technology reminded us of the shoe bar we created for adidas back in 2011. In addition to this, the stores use of robots definitely assist and free up time for shop assistants by delivering shoes to the shop floor via a slide.


Social validation? The store has used screens behind the counters to integrate its live instagram feed within store. Is this important? Yes! What brand wouldn't want to show off their hottest and most trending products, influencing more and more in-store purchase decisions.


Overall the store looks impressive and features several digital touchpoints that enhance the customer experience as they make their way through this store. Asics has done a great job of using digital technology in-store to complement the role of shop assistants, rather than replacing staff.

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