Legendary adidas Virtual Footwear Wall set standard for digital in-store in 2011

Six years later and the virtual footwear wall still looks like a sci-fi object in a futuristic store.

It remains as the best of in-store digital retail systems. The digital shoes floated magically next to the real shoes and spun amazing shoppers. The solution allowed adidas to present the full range without needing a lot of physical space. The impact was huge and years later other brands are still trying to make their own versions of it. 

The idea at the time was to to create more excitement about products, show more of the range without physical space limitations and stock constraints as well as of course drive sales conversions.  The Virtual Footwear Wall was also a digital native itself and had an immediate connection with social media and buzz across mobile phones. 

We helped put units out across the world in 2012/2013. We heard from adidas retail partners that they were seeing massive excitement in their stores and adidas sales jumped significantly. Brand managers also appreciated that adidas was getting a halo effect from being associated with cool innovative new tech that had a real purpose.

Over the years we added new features and made it all work better. We’ve been working hard ever since to run a solution to scale deployment and management of endpoint units. We are now supporting digital tools for brands including Sephora and Virgin Mobile in 30 countries and 18 languages.

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