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We offer leading brands comprehensive capabilities and services to turn amazing ideas into significant results across their retail store network

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Endless Aisle

Taking ground breaking ideas to global scale

In 2011, we set the digital standard  with the innovative Virtual Footwear Wall. It was big, bold and immersive – catching eyes and turning heads. The next challenge was to deploy this type of amazing experience across more stores - owned and with partners.  To do that  we created the Command Centre to organize and schedule the right content to the right place at the right time.

We are now their go-to digital tools provider across their entire store network from New York to Beijing to Sao Paulo to London to Toronto. We have built integrations to the adidas product and stock systems as well as collaborated with their creative teams to implement new consumer experiences on a variety of endpoint units – from towers to tablets to mobile phones.

Our proven technology is ready to go when you need it. We’ll have a pilot running in your store in a matter of weeks and roll out quickly after.

Endless Aisle

Amazing performance around the world

Our cloud-based, enterprise scale technology has connected all kinds of endpoint units across 30 countries. Today, adidas have over 500 screens live on our platform. We further support the adidas team 24/7 with proactive support, checking screens and making sure they are running as planned and displaying  the right content.

Our technology can connect an unlimited number of stores, to grow your retail network.

Endless Aisle

Any consumer experience, anywhere, anytime

From our Command Centre, adidas are able to range and merchandise all units, making sure the right content is reaching consumers at the right time. We run digital signage that includes the latest social media feeds to support purchase decisions, as well as large scale interactive units engaging consumers to share their interests and desires in order to give them back relevant personalized results.

Endless Aisle

From store to mobile in a single click

Give consumers a personalized digital takeaway from their store visit. Allow them to shortlist interesting products and offers and save them to their mobile phones for later action. This feature can help turn an unconverted store shopper into an online buyer. Chatbots can be another exciting capability to further keep the conversation going and drive to a purchase.

Using our platform schedule and control your content across an unlimited number of screens – instantly.

Endless Aisle

Limitless in-store experiences

Our digital tools solutions help adidas customers discover the products that will help them meet their lifestyle goals. Consumers can explore the full product catalog in their prefered language no matter where they are in the world.

From an eighteen-foot interactive wall to a mobile app, our connected experiences can adapt and scale in any retail environment. And we deliver them fast.

Digital Tool Solutions: Driving Conversions, Fuelling E-comm and Delivering Brand Storytelling

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Sephora Flash: powered by endless aisle technology


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Powering a new type of store: Flash 3.0

Sephora launched a concept store in Paris, with a much smaller store footprint but still wanted to merchandise thousands of products . Using Connected Retail’s product finder technology and NFC-tagged sample products and virtual baskets, Sephora was able to achieve its goals without compromising on product offering. This solution creates new economics for running stores in busy metropolitan areas - less stock, more choice for consumers.  It’s a bold step towards lower operating costs per-square-meter while increasing revenue.

Turning radical new ideas into new store formats - fast.


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Use endless aisle technology to give customers access to all your products at once

When consumers are guided by staff to use these exciting new digital tools - they tend to spend more time in store and add more items to their virtual baskets. The digital tools support new consumer journeys focused on testing and sampling products to discover and find new options. The solution then allows for smooth purchasing using the barcoded NFC cards.

Showcase, test and sample. Make your entire inventory shoppable digitally – in any sized store, anywhere.


The retail solutions of the future, now.

Sephora’s concept store is a best-in-class digital smart store experience. ON account of its popularity and strong results this concept is being rolled out to other stores in France and Spain.

Connected experiences bring new value into your stores and seamlessly integrate into the lives of your customers. Our tools aren’t a quick fix, they provide real solutions to the new retail challenges faced by brands every day.

Bringing the best of online in-store : attract, explore, bridge and buy

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Virgin Mobile


Capturing consumer interest in busy locations

We worked with Virgin Mobile to design and build the hardware, software and creative assets to power interactive table and totem units that allow customers to create  their perfect mobile plan and pick their own phone  number.

Connected Retail can help you with all aspects of your in-store digital experience: from hardware to software, installation and support.

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Making the shopping mission fun

In order to drive awareness of Virgin Mobile’s new network launch in UAE we designed a stand-out attractor video that turns into an interactive, gamified experience for the on-brand wow factor they wanted.

We power digital experiences that get you noticed and increase sales.


Having an active conversation with consumers

Virgin Mobile needed a way to have a physical retail presence  without stores of their own. So we designed an interactive solution that gave the brand its own engaging space within larger Virgin Media shops. The units use minimal shop floor space and ensure maximum impact.

Across digital, mobile and in-store retail, we’ll put you at the front of your shoppers’ minds.

Providing access to all products in one single location

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Level Shoes

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Using digital for a next generation luxury experience

Our wayfinding combined with product finding tools come together to help Level Shoe luxury footwear shoppers easily discover products and services in the world's biggest mall, 100,000 square feet of pure retail. Consumers can pick-up samples and the wayfinders will show them exactly where to go.

We worked with the Level Shoe team to design the look and feel of the digital interactions, as well as the hardware endpoint units. We then set-up a detailed directory of merchandising points across the boutiques and multi-brand areas.  We coordinated the hardware fabrication, set-up and installation – making sure all details were covered and the units were set-up and running correctly.

Schedule and control your content across an unlimited number of screens - instantly.


Have an active conversation with consumers

The wayfinder units show users their recommended route through the store to visit the brands they’re most interested in. Customers can also send these maps directly to their mobile phones, allowing Level Shoes to capture email addresses and to continue the conversation with customers.

Across digital, mobile and in-store retail, we’ll put you at the front of your shoppers’ minds – and keep you there.

Wayfinding and product recommendations for a new facet in Luxury

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