Level Shoes

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Using digital for a next generation luxury experience

Our wayfinding combined with product finding tools come together to help Level Shoe luxury footwear shoppers easily discover products and services in the world's biggest mall, 100,000 square feet of pure retail. Consumers can pick-up samples and the wayfinders will show them exactly where to go.

We worked with the Level Shoe team to design the look and feel of the digital interactions, as well as the hardware endpoint units. We then set-up a detailed directory of merchandising points across the boutiques and multi-brand areas.  We coordinated the hardware fabrication, set-up and installation – making sure all details were covered and the units were set-up and running correctly.

Schedule and control your content across an unlimited number of screens - instantly.


Have an active conversation with consumers

The wayfinder units show users their recommended route through the store to visit the brands they’re most interested in. Customers can also send these maps directly to their mobile phones, allowing Level Shoes to capture email addresses and to continue the conversation with customers.

Across digital, mobile and in-store retail, we’ll put you at the front of your shoppers’ minds – and keep you there.