Sephora Flash: powered by endless aisle technology


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Powering a new type of store: Flash 3.0

Sephora launched a concept store in Paris, with a much smaller store footprint but still wanted to merchandise thousands of products . Using Connected Retail’s product finder technology and NFC-tagged sample products and virtual baskets, Sephora was able to achieve its goals without compromising on product offering. This solution creates new economics for running stores in busy metropolitan areas - less stock, more choice for consumers.  It’s a bold step towards lower operating costs per-square-meter while increasing revenue.

Turning radical new ideas into new store formats - fast.


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Use endless aisle technology to give customers access to all your products at once

When consumers are guided by staff to use these exciting new digital tools - they tend to spend more time in store and add more items to their virtual baskets. The digital tools support new consumer journeys focused on testing and sampling products to discover and find new options. The solution then allows for smooth purchasing using the barcoded NFC cards.

Showcase, test and sample. Make your entire inventory shoppable digitally – in any sized store, anywhere.


The retail solutions of the future, now.

Sephora’s concept store is a best-in-class digital smart store experience. ON account of its popularity and strong results this concept is being rolled out to other stores in France and Spain.

Connected experiences bring new value into your stores and seamlessly integrate into the lives of your customers. Our tools aren’t a quick fix, they provide real solutions to the new retail challenges faced by brands every day.