How Buksecompagniet, A Small Town Fashion Store, Is Reaching Customers Across All Of Denmark


Success Starts At The Core 

Danish fashion store Bukscompagniet, based in Silkeborg, Denmark, has undergone a number of changes since its opening in 1977 — a name change, an ownership change. But what hasn’t changed is really the more important topic here. Because the things that haven’t changed are the very things that have driven Bukscompagniet, almost 45 years after its opening, to become a successful contemporary business that reaches millions of shoppers across all of Denmark. 

Adaptability & Connected Retail 

Firstly, Bukscompagniet has always prioritized and maintained a close relationship with their customers and community. By spending decades listening to their customers’ needs and adapting accordingly, Bukscompagniet has not only prevailed but thrived.

One thing that shoppers are now demanding, especially throughout the pandemic store closings, is a more seamless, accessible and reliable shopping experience. To provide this, Bukscompagniet partnered up with Connected Retail by Zalando to ensure that their in-store products are always available and just a tap away. 

“The store is very old, so in the Silkeborg area, people know that we value their input. This customer experience and type of relationship is something that we take with us into the digital world as well,” says E-commerce Manager Laura Laurson. If Bukscompagniet can teach us anything, it’s that no matter how old a store is, it’s never too old to modernize by remaining flexible and open to new advancements that can better serve your customers and strengthen your business. 

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“We had no doubts when we were contacted about this partnership, it was an excellent opportunity for us to increase our profit and also gain brand awareness.”

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Laura Laursen, E-commerce Manager at Buksekompagniet

Something For Everyone 

Secondly, Bukscompagniet sells — and has always sold — a variety of high-quality Scandinavian brands to people of all ages, sizes and styles. Laura explains that the store tries to provide something for everyone with “fashion for both males and females of all ages and a large variety of styles.” Now, by offering their diverse collection on Zalando, Bukscompagniet is making more products available to thousands of customers across Denmark, whether they are shopping for streetwear or workwear, sneakers or dress shoes. 

By doing so, Bukscompagniet has increased their monthly sales by hundreds. When they joined Connected Retail in April of 2021, their monthly order number was 135. From then on, their sales increased each month. By 2021’s peak season, Bukscompagniet monthly orders reached over 2,000. 


orders during peak season

The Future of Their Historic Brand 

In the future, we are definitely going to offer a wider assortment on Zalando. We want to invest time adding our own products to sell directly. We want to add more products and be the first ones to offer certain products on the platform.”

Laura and the team have come a long way, but they intend to grow their brand even further. And to do that, they plan to continue growing their relationships with both customers and Zalando alike.

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